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so i put my hands up…{Happy Weekend}

ITS FRIDAY!! “So i put my hands/ they’re playing my song/the butterflies fly away/..YEAH It’s party in the U.S.A” – Miley Cyrus, Party in the U.S.A.


I’m looking forward to:

1. halloween party

2. cleaning my room

3. teen 180 GIRLS night — fashion show madness

4. singing

5. getting my hair done

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artist spotlight {francesca Battistelli}

I first heard this artist on the radio one morning. the song was called ‘its your life’. i loved that song the moment i heard. melodically it was catchy and fun and then upon further inspection of the words. i fell even harder. my favorite lyrics from that song are  held in the chorus: “its your life/what you gonna do?/the world is watchin you/everyday the choices you make/say what you are and who your heart beats for/its an open door…”

but recently i listened to another song from her ‘my paper heart’ album called ‘the time in between’! SO good! listen to it here:

my fav lyrics:

You were there when your Father said,
Let there be light.
You obeyed when He whispered,
Son, You have to leave tonight
to spend nine months in a mothers womb;
Three days in a borrowed tomb.
But its the time in between,
That brings me to my knees,
Knowing You came for me,
And all that I can be.
Im amazed… so amazed…
And I thank You for the time in between.

Dont take much for this crazy world
To rob me of my peace.
And the enemy of my soul
Says Youre holding out on me.
So I stand here lifting empty hands,
For You to fill me up again.

But its the time in between,
That brings me to my knees,
Waiting on what Youll bring,
and the things that I cant see.
I know my songs incomplete…
Still, Ill sing in the time in between.

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we’re not that different at all…


loved the movie Wall-e! think i might have to add that to the movie collection!

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tres chic

I think this girl is SO effortlessly fabulous!! I heart this look!

found at the  inspiration station: The Sartorialist

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