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O give thanks


” we adore you. after all you’ve done for us. after all YOU are to us. we can’t help but worship the King. we can’t help but sing these songs. lord, they are more than songs. they are our offering of praise to you.”-Meredith Andrews

WOAH. where has the year gone? Its Thanksgiving time! I’m so excited about it. anticipation has been building for days if not weeks. lots of plans to eat. sleep. hang out. laugh and just breathe. I’m grateful for Jesus, Love,  family, friends, a job, health and much much more. what are youthankful for? Think about it and write it down. you might be pleasantly surprised and encouraged.

this video/song is such a good reminder of THE gift. I am so thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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nearer not farther away

“If you have problems in your life, don’t assume there is something wrong with you. Struggling with those problems is at the very core of life’s purpose. As we draw close to God, He will show us our weaknesses and through them make us wiser, stronger. If you’re seeing more of your weaknesses, that just might mean you’re moving nearer to God, not farther away.” – Bruce C. Hafen

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Thats Mr. Reynolds to you

ok serious crush on this dude right here. hasn’t really been in any break out roles or movies. correction thanx J: blade 3, wolverine and just friends!  but i loved him in two guys and a girl, the proposal and definitely, maybe. but guess who made the second slot on people magazine’s sexiest men alive 2009….YUP you guessed it, Ryan Reynolds. How hot is he in this pic above. oh swoooon!

p.s. i’ll get to dress someone like that one day!! oooooo


one in a million

so a few minutes or maybe an hour before writing this note, i wrote a blog note entitled ‘fly above’ and as i logged into my twitter and read some tweets from the weekend; my interest was picked as i read some of Priscilla Shirer’s tweets especially this particular article called ‘one in a million’ that she wrote for the website, i knew this was an answer to a prayer i didn’t pray but needed the answer to and the encouragement.

The article is go figure about the children of Israel and the journey to canaan and the two that did not die with the previous generation but entered into the promise land with the new generation because of their faith, their gratefulness and obediance to God. despite the circumstances they chose to have faith and trust in the unshakable nature of God and His unfailing kindness and faithfulness. He will do what he says he will do. SURELY!

You can read the entire thing here but in the mean time here are some excerpts from the article that i really enjoyed:

The Israelites left Egypt with the promise of Canaan. All they had to do was obey Yahweh and believe that He would accomplish what He said that He would and they’d be allowed to walk on Promise Land soil. Yet, looking out over the millions of Jews swimming in the grace and protection of Yahweh, you’d be hard pressed to find one whose faith was worth catching. A quick glance within the depths of the tent-lined camps would leave you disappointed. Finding the allusive members of the nation under Moses’ leadership who really believed God and fully expected the inheritance they’d been promised was a long shot. But there was one. In fact, there were two. And only two.
Listen to that startling ratio again: Of the approximately two million adult pilgrims who left Egypt with the promise of Canaan only Joshua and Caleb believed God to give them what he’d promised and would actually step foot into the Promised Land.

Two in two million.
That’s one in a million.

Why is it so hard to find believers who actually believe? Why is it so difficult to come across Christians who are living the life of abundance offered to every believer (John 10:10) – people who hear His voice, experience His power and are acquainted with His manifest presence. It’s easy to simply attend church and listen to Christian radio but really taking God at His word, anticipating His miracles, walking in faith and expecting an infiltration of His power; now that’s a different story.

I’ve decided that if there are only going to be a handful of Christians who really encounter God, who actually experience the abundant “promised land life” He has come to give, then I want to be one of those few. You too?

the challenge: challenged to be one of the few who would refuse to trust God with an ordinary faith or settle for an ordinary and complacent walk with Him.  I was compelled to not just hear about God on Sunday but expect to experience what I’d learned every other day of the week. I wanted more. . . more of Him, more of His Spirit, more of His gifts, more of His fruit, more of His power and His manifest presence in my life. I was ruined; ruined for church as usual. Mundane Christianity will never do again.

I’m hoping we’ll be “one in a million” and that when the Father peers out over the waters of those swimming in His grace and love, he’ll find you and me – people who are ready and willing to take Him at his Word and fully engage in every little thing He has planned for us.

So, lace up your hiking boots, promise land pilgrim.
Strap on your travel gear for the journey ahead.
We’ve got nothing to lose except a lifetime of wilderness wandering and everything to gain in the land of milk and honey.

Be encouraged. Canaan’s worth every step.


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