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baby its cold outside…{Happy Weekend}

can you believe its the end of January already?! WOW! its flying by. by the time I catch my breath again it will be valentine’s day! I am actually really looking forward to febuary! lots of new things are beginning: piano lessons and my first trip to the west coast. so in the theme of feb. i thought this pic of the heart cookies was so cute!

Looking forward to:

1. sleeping in

2. putting all clean clothes away

3. ‘bow ties and baller shades’ bday party

4. hot coco

5. teen sunday

6. watching john mayer’s VH1 story tellers special

I’m outta here yall. not feeling too hot and looking forward to some rest.

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simple kind of life


how hot is this?! oh olivia palermo idie! you and your boyfriend make it look so effortless and chic. one day (far far IN  the future) i would like someone to randomly take a shot of me and my man and it turn out like this! HAUTE!

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outfit dilema

what do you wear to a guy’s bday party? i’m not feeling well so this process is taking longer than usual. below is my outfit inspiration and my two ideas:

option 1: the wide leg  jeans(i wore to julie’s party), my yellow banana republic top under the black blazer and my black and gold necklace
option 2: skinny jeans, black mary janes, flowy shirt and my black vest and gold bangles and rings

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welcome to D.C.


Now, i have lived in virginia for most of my cognitive life and have erred.

one. i don’t know how to drive in d.c.

two. i have not done anything really substantial in d.c., mind you i only visited all of the sites my sophmore year in college. gasp!

but with this new year comes new change, new opportunities, new loves, new idea and new adventures and i hope to make d.c. one of the places i explore even more.

I found this guide to D.C. , created by the amazing Naomi of Rockstar Diaries fame, which includes things to do in d.c., music venues and places to eat.

i plan on doing everything on this list THIS year. Let’s get it!! 🙂

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