dress my nest {part VI}

it was an amazing weekend and i will share some highlights from it soon but lets return to our “dress my nest” feature.

{kitchen and dining area}

I love the back flash in this kitchen. the blue tile is so amazing. its definitely the focal point of this kitchen. it reminds me of the mediteranean. i would definitely recreate that and have black or stainless steal appliances i.e. coffee maker, toaster and etc.

OR go the funky/artsy route by using chalk board paint in the kitchen like the divine taza of Rockstar Diaries


Now onto the dining area:

THIS dining area which was created for Dining by Design [for the fundraiser for DIFFA Kansas]  by David Jimenez absolutely blows me away! it has EVERYTHING i would wish for in a dining area: romance, class and color. I hate moochers and copy cats but i would certainly copy everything about this design!

i would probably ONLY change the color theme to a white, pink/red and teal! but the mix of orange and teal is to die for!!

i would also use a smaller square table. like this one from pottery barn but in a creamy white color:

and keep the teal chairs of course!


and these beautiful pink dishes!

i already love to eat. i think this space would inspire me to love to cook as well. don’t you think?!

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