the quarter life…celebration!

I will be {25 } at the end of this year. OMG! I can’t believe it. So i’ve decided to think about the big day and some neat things that would make it amazing!

the theme and stage is set for Every celebration no matter the type by the invitation. I love this one below:

Standard PaperSource 3 7/8 x 9 1/4

the big celebration should take place somewhere swanky! a cool lounge or restaurant. I love this picture below. isn’t it so festive:


 The flowers, I happen to absolutely love tulips:

oo and the delicious accents make any party more personal:

Classic Coca Cola Bottles:

i don’t really like cake but i love ice cream cake and of course the mix of a delicious brownie and ice cream would be THE best birthday celebration cake!

and because i LOVE music i think a parting gift could be a good mix cd of songs i enjoy or even a good dance mix

But we can’t forget the outfit to wear to such a shindig! I love this outfit that Julianne Hough has on below. I might use it as inspiration for that special day.

JULIANNE HOUGH photo | Julianne Hough

A great Birthday Party = Great Friends, Great food and Great Fun! Come, dress up and be ready to dance. thats all i can say about that! 🙂

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