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Love was made for me and you {Happy Weekend}

the title of the blog was taken from that old classic ‘Love’ by Nat King Cole. Such an amazing and classy song. I love his vocals and the big band sound behind him. what a class act Mr. Cole was. le sigh.

was it just me or did this week not speed by. i was sick this week which is probably why it feels that way to me-though you probably couldn’t tell. hehe. but i’m a lot better now.

looking forward to:

  1. one fabulous and joyous wedding = two amazing and fabulous and caring people + commiting their lives one to another in the sight of God and loved ones + desserts + dancing
  2. ‘ms. w to mrs. a’ last hoorah before the big day bachelorette celebration
  3. the spring women’s event – ‘its never too late to bloom’ with THE lynette Lewis [btw i absolutely adore her. she is definitely another one on the ones to admire list]
  4. worship with some beautiful ladies
  5. getting my hair done
  6. picking up dry cleaning and possible mani/pedi
  7. praying its warm enough to wear my green jersey dress and black patent leather mary janes

 Jeremiah 29:11::Psalms 37::matthew6:25-34 <— how GREAT your love for me/ your voice is my healing/ without you i just can’t get by so i’m/ [holding] on to every word you speak/cause its all that i need/hanging on to every word you say/ to light up my way/ even every little whisper/ i’m hanging on as if it were my life

photo via sitting in a tree

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have your way

But you never said the road would be easy,
But you said that you would never leave.
And you never promised that this life wasn’t hard,
But you promised you’d take care of me.

So I’ll stop searching for the answers,
I’ll stop praying for an escape,
I’ll trust you God with where I am,
And believe you will have your way,
Just have your way,
Just have your way.
I know you will,
I won’t forget,
Whoa, oh, oh
You love me,
Have your way,

*have your way by britt nicole

note: to be honest this is where i am right now and my prayer

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Road Trip

I think the U.S.A has probably some of the most beautiful and varied landscape in the world. mixed with different accents, styles and cultures..every state has its own identity and why not take a road trip and explore all of its delights. and speaking of road trippin two canadian photographers [davina and daniel] decided to take their own road trip across this great nation and look at some of their breathe taking results….wowie!


new mexico:

new orleans:


and the fields on highway 1:

one day i want to do the same exact thing. take a month off and just lollygag around the u.s.a.

click on their names above and check out more pics and captions. you are bound to spend a good hour looking through captivating pictures.

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sex and the city

i didn’t really like the first movie but loved the fashion and carries’s outfit when she and Mr. Big got married at city hall but the trailer for sex and the city 2 is amazing. i’m actually excited about it. go figure.

aiden is back!! le sigh!

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