the weekend, briefly

 This weekend was one of the most jam packed weekends so far this year. It was easter weekend so we had a total of 7 services: 2 good friday services, 1 sat community outreach service and then the 4 services on sunday. we also did a skit/play written by JM – catalyst leadership team co- chair- that was just spectacular. He did an amazing job. the writing was very well done, the music amazing and climactic and executed flawlessly . i think everyone was impacted by the truth that was revealed in it. the chains that keep us bound, the people God sends into our life to point us in his direction and ultimately about God who sent his son to save us, rescue us, untie those chains and give us freedom! what a spectacular weekend, our savior is risen! and gave us victory o’er the grave and real life. this weekend i have to say was teeming with life and revelations:

{my lil sister came home. i love her to the moon}

{church. packed house. GREAT message. amazing worship. God was glorified. i’m satisfied}


{AW’s bridal shower. mimsosas. laughter. girls. great food. low key. conglomeration of beauty,love, talent. amazing.} 

{doris’ bday celebration at thai chili and Lucky Strike in the district. SO much fun. definitely the most fun i’ve had since LA. lots of laughter. salsa dancing….that is all! hahaha!}

p.s. floral arrangements came out well. definitely need to try my hand at those again..soon! and start work on my stationary!

photos via, dress,design & decor and Apt#34

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2 thoughts on “the weekend, briefly

  1. Brett says:

    Absolutely lovely post and thanks for sharing all of those wonderful bits!

  2. rockmyfashionart says:

    hahahahah @ KC … get it girl

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