This weekend we celebrated LS’ birthday at Evo Bistro. we enjoyed amazing food and amazing company. oh to be in the company of women who love God and love to celebrate him and eachother, its the most refreshing thing. Its almost as if you can stop holding your breathe in their company.

Anywho, It was truly an honor to celebrate LS, she is an absolutely amazing woman. Have you ever encountered someone where you walk away with an indelible finger print from them on your life. you are so impacted by not only their words but the overwhelmingly amazing spirit that they carry. its almost like an aroma of God. I think you only experienced/encounter that in a person very few times in life. I think that is true of LS. you’re drawn to her and can’t quite put your finger on it. i think she carries like a fragrance an indelible aroma of God’s genuine love. It’s frankly astounding. She is the type of girl every man wants to marry and every woman wants to be friends with. if not, wants to engraft some of those qualities into her own heart and life.  She is Stunning and Intelligent. Well spoken and thoughtful. and probably the best hugger in the land! Happy Belated Birthday LS! I can’t wait to see all that God has in store for you. Here’s to MORE: more dreams fulfilled, more hope, more vision and passion, more expectation, more Joy and more blessing.

p.s. look at the butterflies in her hair. i love that!

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One thought on “Captivating

  1. lor says:

    There are no words to describe how amazing you are and what these words of encouragement – coming from you – can do to a girl. It’s no mistake every single one of us is addicted to your blog and constantly refreshing it to see if you’ve written anything else since we last checked. Thank you for taking us all on your journey through your writing and revelations, for seeing things in people and encouraging them in a way that does wonders for their souls, and for being so, so passionate about seeing His kingdom come through art, music, beauty and endless creativity. You are a treasure. Love, love, love you!

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