open your heart to me {happy weekend}


i love glee’s version of the madonnna classic ‘open your heart to me’ . i love that they made it a duet. my vocal hero is lea michele…i guess years of broadway will get your voice that clear and crisp!

Looking forward to:

  1. my mom coming home [PRAISE JESUS]…but i must clean oops 🙂
  2. pay day!! YES!
  3. sex and the city 2 [?]
  4. buying some awesome new music to add to the ‘summer sizzle playlist’
  5. take the ‘green machine’ into vw..for a checkup lord!
  6. eating some chipotle and chick fil a
  7. buying peonies at trader joe’s, a new dress or an accessory, candles  and groceries [gonna try out the organic toothpaste]
  8. getting my hair done [PRAISE JESUS! it looks a hot mess. thank you rainy weather AND humidity!]
  9. mani and pedi
  10. attending a wedding [still no clue what to wear…]

anywho, have a nice, restful and sassy weekend! call your mother!! tell someone you love them! yeahrrrrr! 🙂

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