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coloring outside the lines


 ” I’m obsessed with the fact that my mom just told me that i have to learn how to color outside the lines like when I was little.” -Lisa’s Tweet

I wholeheartedly believe the scripture psalm 16:6 that says, ” 6 The boundary lines have fallen for me in pleasant places; surely I have a delightful inheritance.” And there is nothing more freeing than living/ moving and finding your being in the center of God’s will for you life.

but i believe that most of the time as nichole nordeman so eloquently says in her song ‘please come’, ” Oh the days when I drew lines around my faith to keep you out, to keep me in, to keep it safe.” we draw lines that God never created for us to live in.

and unfortunately those lines and boundaries are the very ones holding us hostage.  in contrast, have you ever noticed that the places God leads you to are always far more expansive than you would dare dream. now don’t get me wrong, i am NOT saying that it won’t be hard or you won’t have to expand but there is a peace in knowing that God did this [He is here in this with me] and indeed the boundary lines have fallen to me in pleasant places. the bible talks about the ancient boundary stones. i believe in those because they are there as protection. like when parent put outlet covers in outlets so their kids don’t stick their fingers in them. those are the same things. but what i’m referencing are the self created stumbling blocks/jail cells that keep us from dreaming with God. i haven’t fully examined this idea yet. but i’m ruminating.

*i’ve often tweeted about the concept of sometimes the very thing in between you and change or something new is…you.

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Ignacio ‘nacho’ and delfina figueras


I came across this beautiful couple via Rachel Roy’s twitter. she tweeted a picture of this couple in which the lovely Delfina Figueras was wearing one of her creations. upon further research about this couple i found out 1. Mr. Figueras is the face of Ralph Lauren’s Polo Black Label and a professional polo player. if you had never heard of him, like me, he’s pretty much to the sport of Polo’s what David Beckham is to soccer. Mrs. Figueras is a photographer and former model. together they make one absolutely stunning couple. And their home is equally beautiful. They own a horse ranch in argentina where they reside when the Polo season is done. Please take a look at these beautiful images of their home.

their living room:


their delicious simple and chic kitchen. note: those turquiose iron chairs were the same ones Mrs. Figueras grew up with in her childhood home.


and their bedroom. how absolutely divine is this wood bed. Mrs. Figueras-Delfina- designed the bed and the art above the bed is a photograph by her as well.


photos via &

note: top picture is from a Ralph Lauren romance fragrance campaign – photo shot by Bruce Weber

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girls just want to have fun

 just a few pretties from around the web! enjoy!


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sweet dreams {cover}

my friend posted this on his FB and i HAD to repost it. this girl is SO good. its her remake of the beyonce song ‘sweet dreams’ and she makes it a ballad. SO great!

one day when i get better at playing piano…! one day>>>sweet dream!

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