today feels different {happy weekend}


As i started my regular morning routine. i stepped out of my car on my way to the metro, the warmth of the sun enveloped me, a soft breeze blew and somehow it felt different. i wasn’t sure if it was just the cooler weather or if it was i that felt different. either way i liked it.  here’s to something new. here’s to shifts whatever they may be or mean. here’s to favor and providence. here’s to change. here’s to learned lessons. here’s to growing pains. here’s to now. here’s to life. cheers.

I feel so great about this weekend. Looking forward to:

  1.  getting all dressed up and girly and going to a fabulously fun wedding!
  2. mani/pedi
  3. shopping [on the agenda: white jeans/pencil skirt, body glitter, statement jewelry]
  4. singing this amazingly beautiful worship song called ‘holy one’
  5. taking fabulous pics with the bestie
  6. getting my hair done [a la rachel!! wooohooo]
  7. doing some spring cleaning and rearranging my dresser drawers
  8. listening to Michael Jackson songs and rockin out in my car
  9. purchasing some new speakers for said car as well….i may or may not have blown them out. heheh!

anywayz, have an absolutely, magnificently, blessed weekend. you deserve it. do something that makes you feel amazing this weekend. maybe even purchase your own version of ‘fine china’. 🙂

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