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undo it {Happy Weekend}

So it seems i have a head cold. how do you get sick in the summer? its actually THE worst thing in life. at least i feel like its fading and i should recover by saturday. anywayz, its official i’m taking the GRE -OCT. 16. I’m slowly but surely checking things off of my list! long time coming eh?! Jesus knows every day, every moment and i’m sure this has been hand crafted by him. it finally feels right. not rushed. not too late. right on time. on to the next step on the staircase.
Looking forward to:

  1. having brunch in reston town center with one of my favorite people at GCC. YAY! I can’t wait to hear words laced with wisdom and dripping with grace.
  2. sleep
  3.  taking a practice GRE test
  4. making some salmon and apple salsa
  5. Brooke Fraser announces her new album’s name, release date and US tour dates!!!
  6. getting my green machine back!!! the speakers fixed all..woot woot
  7. church!!
  8. RTC dinner date woohoooo!!

so this for all the people heading out of town this weekend. here’s a song to put in the play list and rock out: i made it by kevin rudolf feat jay sean, birdman and lil wayne. I’m outta here! Have a great weekend! 🙂

photo found at wit + delight [from the book entitled SHE]

*title song ‘undo it’ by carrie underwood

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the switch

this movie  is going to be so funny! how adorable is that kid! AND the jason bateman!! i might as well buy my ticket now. HILARIOUS! coming to theaters Aug 20th!

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oh Versace…

A PLUS photo | Jessica Biel

omg!! this dress is AMAZING! Jessica Biel in a strapless blue Versace….i’m gasping for air. its so perfect!

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you are my dream come true

how adorable is this photo? so the great wedding and engagement photographer and blogger beloved, max wanger got married! and this is a photo from the wedding. check out more here and here.

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