you’ve got a smile that could light up this whole town {happy weekend}


THIS is 4th of July weekend. also my aunt’s birthday [the one i get my name from]. 4th of July weekend is always THE quintessential summer weekend. barbecues. fireworks. family. pool time. friends. fun. movies. ice cream. and much more. I’m excited about this 3day weekend. AND yes i will be playing Lenny Kravitz ‘american woman’ in my car!

Looking forward to:

  1. sleeping in
  2. summer room organizing aka more washing and folding clothes
  3. taking a hot yoga class
  4. reading
  5. barbecue
  6. fireworks

dear america,

there is no country like you. 50 states full of passion, creativity, patriotism, love, individuality, southern hospitality, cultured northeastern past times, lady liberty, mountains, deserts, beaches and lakes, farms and skyscrapers. such a diverse landscape and a diverse people. many have come to your shores seeking refuge, freedom, truth, happiness, success, opportunity and all who sought found. thank you!  i have been more than blessed to call you home for the past 20 odd years. thank you! happy birthday you old rugged beauty!

love always, management

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