open letter


dear bro,

I know we have had our challenges and arguments. but i really do love you. i think the problem is and was that we both had expectations [as in what kind of friendship we expected] of one another and it gets in the way of having a real organic [real time] friendship. I truly want the best for you and see what an awesome person you are and can be. i get a little upset when you don’t act as great as I know you can be. and vice versa. and thats probably the problem. I know i can be a little mean and harsh at times. trust me, God is working that out as we speak. I’m sorry if i ever hurt your feelings. I swear its really not on purpose. I want us to be friends and be siblings and watch out for each other.

Love always,

your sister

*p.s. how absolutely adorable is this picture of gwen stefani’s kids. omg! so stinking cute!

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