almost {happy weekend}

are you kidding me? i mean seriously how awesome is this picture?! first of all, she is on a bike in NYC in a dress/skirt and secondly, she has amazing legs!! I need to get my bike on clearly! i love the new vintage bike craze and one day i’ll own my own little piece of the 50s on wheels!

Looking forward to:

  1. a pedicure
  2. getting my hair done
  3. finally finishing ivanka trump’s book and maybe perousing the shelves of barnes and noble 
  4. strategizing
  5. church
  6. KA
  7. maybe getting around to creating my notecards
  8. going to home goods [on the hunt for a black and mint green area rug]

Love yall!! I hope to see each of your beautiful faces this weekend!! i’m outta here got a lot to do today[online training =BORING] and i get to hang out and lay some vocals down. excited!!

photo via {the sartorialist}

*title from tamia’s song – almost

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