friday the 13th {happy weekend}


so CM and KA did a photoshoot with Javier! wait until you see the images. they are HAUTE!! i think someone has portfolio pictures for where ever life takes her. amazing! anywho….this has been the longest week known to man! woooo am i tired. i can’t imagine adding in grad school to this madness. but stretching never feels good at first i guess.

Looking forward to:

  1. getting some morning yoga in
  2. smoothie from panera to reward myself
  3. working on a little magic potion
  4. bookstore adventures [ losing books you want to read again…not the bizness]
  5. writing and reading and studying
  6. practicing piano
  7. drinking water
  8. going on an adventure to Forever 21 in dc [woohoo]
  9. finally putting all the songs i have captured into my ‘summer sizzle’ playlist
  10. churchin
  11. prepping for some information interviews
  12. looking for a lace skirt and some olive green pants

p.s. still looking for a black and mint green rug 😦 any ideas?

final day thoughts: “if God wants you THERE he will take you THERE…in the meantime enjoy HERE on the way to THERE”*. Its by no mistake you’re HERE. “the meantime” may be the very thing saving your life.  maybe THERE is not ready for you and neither are you ready for THERE. your talent and etc. will open the door but your character will keep you there. “Think about all the people who are great in your industry. they are probably somewhere rehearsing, practicing, studying & preparing. GREATNESS is not accidental.”** and neither is the “meantime”.

*christine caine

**keith battle

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One thought on “friday the 13th {happy weekend}

  1. kyle says:

    where can i see these pictures! i still havent seen them yet! i miss you SO MUCH!!!

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