glamourous {Happy Weekend}


this week has been full of so much stuff. i lead wednesday night [be lifted high (hosanna) and here i am to worship]…dude it was scary but i made it through. no repeated train wrecks to report! lol! also, i didn’t have my piano lesson this week and was played via text message by my comedian piano teacher. hahahah he said and i quote ” i’m sure thats what made mozart so great…lots of sleep”. this dude is hilarious! when he becomes a rockstar i hope he dedicates his superstardom to his delinquent piano students hahahahah! Anyways, its the WEEKEND yall!!!

Looking forward to:

  1.  Morning Meeting
  2. our Last Church Upstairs gathering…tear!
  3. Hermes baby shower
  4. Churchin and rockin out to ‘Praise You’
  6. fingers crossed but i want to go on a hot balloon ride!! YIPPEEE!! *my camera is all charged up
  7. oh yea and SLEEPING!!
  8. get a pedicure

Anywayz, I’m outtie peeps Got a lot going on and a lot to do!! Hang out with friends!! laugh, go see a movie, tell someone you love them just because its friday!! its good for the soul!! Love YINS!!

P.S. lets pray this cooler weather MINUS the rain sticks around. i kinda dig it!

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