if i was from paris i would say {Bon Weekend}


Great Week!! lots happened. a lot to be left desired. but much to be thankful for! growing so much i probably have stretch marks but learning how to be the ‘me’ you created me to be…priceless. amen!! i always hear a little whisper in my ear, “you mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger darling”! and have the courage to try and the humility to fail. and get back up again and succeed.

Looking forward:

  1. sleeping in
  2. practicing my piano
  3. breakfast at panera
  4. dinner with smalls
  5. pedicure
  6. teen sunday
  7. watching ‘brothers’  or ‘the waitress’ with some ice cream

Have an amazing weekend!!! this sunday is going to be so great!! the teens are taking over and i love it when they do. they bring something so fresh to the regular routine.

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