{weekend celebrations}

ITS FRIDAY!! I love fridays!!! partly because its the start of the weekend and the other part because i get to leave work at like 4:30!! YAY!! ANYWHO…Happy [LABOR DAY] weekend one and all!! this is the start of a new school year for every student and i think we should mark it as a new season as well. And i almost forgot, it is also technically the ‘end’ of summer.

Looking forward to:

  1. christina’s make up extravaganza
  2. ES BBQ blowout
  3. 3 day weekend
  4. reading some books
  5. i SO want to see rihanna at madame toussauds in d.c.
  6. getting a cupcake or 2 or 3 [coldstone has ice cream cupcakes now woah!!]
  7. i still need to finish ‘eat, pray, love’ and see ‘takers’ and see ‘the switch’
  8. working on some projects
  9. getting my hair done
  10. churchin [taking constant mental notes]
  11. taking a hot yoga class [for real this time]

Ok yall!! its a 3 day weekend. lets make the most of it!! love yall!! 🙂

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