battle studies

i’ve decided that i am going to write a book. i will use a pen name and change all of the main characters names. but if i do not document this year in a tangible format. i feel like i will forget or it will be all for not. i think 50% of the proceeds should go to TWLOHA and Porters Call. yep yep. i have 3 different titles in my head and one of them is ‘battle studies’. lol! i’m dramatic but you know what my friend said…she said, ” i wouldn’t say dramatic, i’d say keenly atuned to the subtleties of life that you bring to the forefront“! yup yup thats me..keenly aware!! hahahah! anywayz…i love john mayer’s performance of this song called  ‘half of my heart’ from an album of the same title. i think it is so great.

skip to the 5:00 mark…he is incredible! preach brotha preach!!

“i’m an old soul but i’m still 32 years old. and i’m trying. i’m not the model of a man but i’m trying. i know what i need to tend to. yea i know what i need to change…. but there’s something about this age.”

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