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I finished ‘trump card’ a little bit ago and have now decided to reread ‘captivating’. it feels like the perfect time to review and reimagine and rethink. the end of seemingly ‘winter’ season [or as i have termed it ‘Battle Studies’] and into a new season. its a perfect time for upgrades.  and as i was thinking about rereading it, i came across a quote by AA that i had saved which said,

“To see God’s promises come to life. It’s the dawning of a new chapter – and there are so many areas that deserve preparation. I’m paying attention to every little thing. Eliminating bad habits. Staying thirsty. Praying continually. Always giving thanks. I’m hailing destiny and traveling onward. Everything is by design.”

captivating is a book about finding and becoming the woman God called you to be. i think a lot of times we have an idea of what we think a woman of God should look like but what is she actually like? what is the breadth and depth of her and how does that wear on you? i believe as God did in the garden with eve, he fashioned us in a particular way. we may all be couture but there is a carolina herrera, a marc jacobs, an alexander mcqueen, a tom ford, an oscar de la renta, an armani, a donna karen, and etc. each with a distinct point of view and creativity and execution. all beautiful, same industry/family, same passion and yet each distinct. I think by getting to KNOW God [a revelation not just information] and in turn finding identity and destiny in him. fine, fresh, fierce and feminine. an essential part of his plan. hailing your destiny and heeding every word God says, you become a captivating YOU.

So here’s to this new season. this new leg of the journey. it may require taking some time out. making my own magic. Mending fences. Building bridges. rewiring. New hardware. New vision. New season. New Heart. New eyes. Fresh wind. Fresh fire.

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