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not just tonight but the rest of your life {happy weekend}


weekly realizations round-up:

  1. always do what you promised
  2. the power of life and death is in the tongue AND the tone
  3. choose life. choose laughter. choose hope. choose forgiveness. ALWAYS.
  4. is this taylor and jake thing really happening?
  5. if so…my new crush is Ryan Gosling…
  6. days that start off with dance music. prayer and coffee are really the BEST
  7. doing what you know you should be doing wont always come easy. but mama never said it would be easy just that the view was worth the climb.

anyways, this weekend i’m Looking forward to:

  • Tif’s BDAY dinner
  • finding out what is wrong with my car and having it fixed
  • a soccer game *lets pray its not cold*
  • rally to restore sanity *fingers crossed i make it out there*
  • halloween party *fingers crossed i make it out there*
  • cleaning my room/folding my clothes

here’s to an amazing weekend! full of hot coco and great lunches and dinners. laughs and hugs. here’s to Life! cheers!

*photo of Constance Jablonski for Vogue Germany via FGR

*title from ‘so beautiful’ by musiq soulchild

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lay your head on my shoulder

 let me come along side and live this with you. you can’t do it alone and its time. time to lay some of those burdens down. let me carry the load. would you let me? I’ve always wanted to do that for you! here I am waiting.. the one who has loved you longest, hardest and most faithfully, all your life! come and lay your head on my shoulder. 

Love, Immanuel

photo via Jill Thomas

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somehow its never boring


now seriously olivia….this style is really getting out of hand now! its impeccible. i dont think i’ve seen a shot where she didn’t look wonderfully put together. but as much as olivia looks smashing, i’m kind of digging her friends outfit more. those boots are killer and the awesome scarf! yes please.

p.s. this is great for fall wardrobe inspiration

photo via sacramento street blog

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long hair dont care

yea i’m pretty sure i’m getting a weave for my birthday, which is one month and some change from monday might i add! only differences would be: the color !! 😉 LOL!!