Giving: responding to God’s gift of victory

This past sunday pastor brett started a new sermons series called ‘giving: responding to God’s gift of victory’ . it was definitely a serious sermon of how to relate well to God and with eachother. one of the things he talked about that stuck out to me was how we use our words and mouths and how so easily we can be destructive. i think sometimes people mistake being ‘real’ with being arrogant. its easy for us to speak of how someone should behave or what they should say rather than simpy facing that person or situation looking into the face of a lost and dying world with truth, grace, mercy, discernment, empathy, warmth and love. I read this blog note by Jenny Simmons called ‘the dream’ and my heart was pricked again:

When will I learn that my desire for personal justice is so arrogant?
When will I learn what grace is all about?
When will I learn to love the way that my Jesus did?
How many dreams do I have to have before I surrender to grace?
How many times will God have to meet me in that hospital room to remind me what is important and what is not?
How many mornings do I have to wake up with the tears of my own shame before me?
Thank you God for perfect perspective.
Thank you God for your gentle and tough love, for growing us up, for growing me up.
Thank you God that I can relinquish justice into your hands and trust that you alone bring about a changed heart, that you alone deal justly in this world, that you alone convict souls…
in others
but most importantly, in me.
Especially me.
Usually me.

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