made a rebel of a careless man’s careful daughter {happy weekend}


have you ever heard of the Happiness Project? i passed it while trolling the isles of barnes and nobles the other day. it looked interesting but not interesting enough to buy without further research. so of course i googled it and found the website and found a lot of interesting things. don’t know if i’d buy the book but the author, gretchen rubin, a yale business and law school professor is pretty cool. not only is she a lawyer who interned with sandra day o’connor [supreme court justice] and currently a yale professor but a ny times best selling author. fun fun!!

anyway doe! hahaha its the weekend and lo and behold its a 3 day weekend por moi! sweet! have no specific idea of what i’m doing this weekend but here are some ideas:

  1. hair therapy. hair appointment next week. desperately awaiting that day.
  2. shay shay’s going away partay!
  3. clean my room
  4. organize my papers
  5. wash my clothes
  6. read some books. study
  7. hike up old rag
  8. naps.snacks.movies
  9. church

how beautiful is that picture above? the dress, the pose. the light and shadow! love it!

I hope i get to see all of you this weekend and beyond! you’re amazing! and i’m so glad to know each of you!! love on someone this weekend!! have a great one!! 🙂

*title from ‘mine’ by taylor swift

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