Stop Child Trafficking Now


chapel hill walk flyer - back

There are many social justice causes that are out there for us to stand for and raise awareness. The Trafficking of Women and children is one of the biggest in my opinion. the child trade industry is a 3 billion a year industry…… bought like chattle and treated like trash. their humanity discarded and their lives destroyed. these women and girls are mothers, sisters, daughters, neighbors, classmates. i can’t imagine trying to seek a better life and being forced into one of slavery.

  “I see justice and the law entwined so much in the Bible. If you don’t have justice, then you can’t see God, and to me all of those things go hand in hand.” -CRichards

This is our generations chance to rise up and stand for justice.
Come and Join us Stop Child Trafficking NOW:: DC walk Oct 16th

where: East Potomac Park
Arlington, Virginia

start time: 7:00am

End time: 10:00am

Registration Checkin time: 6:00AM to 7:00AM

go here and sign up:

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