things we lost in the fire


oh it lingers in the air

like a whisper

like fog on a fall morning

like the ringing of a childs laughter in the air

don’t you remember?

i cant seem to forget

 when we played like kids on a play ground

you’d stand on that jungle gym and scream

to infinity and beyond…

who would have known that our infinity

wouldn’t last that long.

i’m haunted by the ghosts of who we were

how we were

it echos in my mind

like a song i can’t quite remember but can’t seem to forget

don’t you remember?

when our hearts danced

with elation

when our eyes met

it told a story

only we knew

oh but the fire.



slow and subtle at first site

that damn fire….

burnt up every last thing

and yet i cant seem to forget

all we lost

the things we lost

the people we lost

in that fire.

*inspired by the movie of the same title.

**photo by Tec Petaja

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One thought on “things we lost in the fire

  1. kyle says:

    why are you so amazing????

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