whip my hair

SO…apparantly they did a sesame street viral episode about little black girls and loving their hair. WOW! i never thought the day would come where they would talk about that and address it in a positive light.

the creator had this to say about his inspiration for the video clip:

The video was made by Joey Mazzariono, head writer at Sesame Street for his adopted daughter Segi from Ethiopia.

The little girl seemed quite unhappy with her hair when she compared it to the sunshine blonde of her favorite doll, Barbie.

“She was going through this phase where she really wanted like the long, blonde hair. … She would look at Barbies and really want the hair, “said Mazzariono in an interview to an entertainment daily.

The video shows the muppet wearing different hairstyles like braids and cornrows, singing about how she loves her hair and does not need to go to a beauty salon. The whole idea was to educate little girls to like themselves as they are, according to Mazzariono. A lot of Afro-American girls can now identify themselves with Segi.

NICE!!! i also like the youtube mashups of the clip with willow smith’s song ‘whip my hair’!!

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