this is drake. he’s a rapper. i think he’ s hot! hahahaha

its the beyonce/ jay-z paradox. why seemingly good girls love “thugs”? isnt there something so mysterious and intriguing about them? like they are at the same time completely stoic and yet write the most revealing/personal stuff. and you really can’t pretend to not know what the deal is when entering into a relationship with said person. hahaha.

like the city itself, rappers from new york  have this thing about them. its not quantifiable.its anything but TIRED. anything but blah. its like the spark before the fireworks. a flicker of fire in their eye. they approach everything with a certain energy. a sense of themselves and yet a vision for things to come. i’m looking for a spark. that is all.

psa. i in no way think that drake or most rappers are “thugs” unless they label themselves as such. that is why I put the word in quotes. plus, drake is canadian and was in degrassi [ canada’s version of 90210] how much of a “thug” can he really be? 😉

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