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when i grow up?


remember when you were little and the world was full of possibilites. one day i was a queen and the next a teacher. and the next day…the principal in a ballet of my creation. what happened? where did those possibilities go? drowned in reality? lets go find them again! awaken those sleeping beauties with FAITH,shall we…#40days of FAITH!

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i love those little silhouette things on the glasses. aren’t they so adorable! how cute would that be at a child’s birthday party..oooo or even a baby shower! it could either be really cute or really weird. i should try it out and see how it looks in real life. i’ll post my results here

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breakfast at tiffany’s

these ad campaigns for Tiffany’s are always so polished and well executed! the last one is from Tiffany’s holiday 2010 ad campaign. aren’t they magical?

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gobble gobble

ok i know thanksgiving is over but i couldn’t help but share this as soon as i saw this over at ‘greedy girl’ .

guess who that is in the outfit? she should look familiar.

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