3 days….and the rain came.


hey yall, if you haven’t noticed there hasnt been much activity on here since last week friday. I was participating in a corporate fast with my church. I chose to cut out social media. no blogging. no tweeting.


  1.  in 3 days not once did my phone ring or buzz except for 4 people 3 of which dont live in this state. [i think that could be said of many of us. i think there is something wrong with that if we call ourselves friends and a church family]
  2. if you want to talk to me or want to find out about how i’m doing or what I think about something…a simple phone call and or text will do just fine. i think in this age of cyber communities, its too easy to know something about someone and not really know them. same can be said of our relationship with God sometimes. its too easy to know about him and never really know him. [and it can be argued that we wont know him until we see him and are like him but you get my point]*
  3. its easier to reach out to people who aren’t that close to your situation sometimes than it is to forge ahead beyond our natural inclination to retreat and or self protect. continue to reach out. instead of assuming how people want to be treated or interacted with why dont you ask them. or just do something.
  4. “its easier to be an excessive fanatic than it is to be consistently faithful.”- oswald chambers [sometimes i hit. sometimes i miss but this is my life’s mission]
  5. Prayer: Transform me, dear God, by your spirit into a servant of Christ, who delights to meet the needs of those around me.
  6. in every area of life we have to choose determination and courage and resist the urge to abdicate. or give up. this is the fight of our lives.
  7. change. you never see it coming. it kind of sneaks up on you but if you remain flexible and willing to change with it. you’ll have a lot less hairline fractures in your soul and or relationships
  8. its easy to choose defeat. the really great stuff is NEVER easy. and that is exactly what makes it so great.   
  9. get over yourself. its not solely about you. never has been. never will be.
  10. keep it real, keep it simple – keep pure motives- keep on, keeping on!
  11. the best lesson i have learned during this season is do NOT speculate. most situations we encounter are filtered through the matrix of our experiences [the good and the bad]. when you encounter a situation and you are feeling an offense. take a step back. acknowledge how you are feeling. and let it roll off. if need be ask the person about it directly. speculating will drive a wedge in your heart between you and that person. and end up creating a situation that may have simply been a misunderstanding and or misinterpretation.
  12. sometimes its really not that serious. lol! isaiah 43: 18-19 says, ” forget the former things, do not dwell on the past. see i am doing a new thing! now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.”
  13. i’ve never experienced my beginning friend ‘Jesus’ as closely as i have in this season. in the midst of dry seasons, He is faithful to make a way in the wilderness, create fountains in the valleys, springs in the wasteland. indeed if you seek, HE can be found. sweet savior, gentle redeemer. He is!
  14. i don’t know why stuff happens. why people die and why people live. why we’re prone to pride and apathy. but i do know that in the gap between what i know and don’t..thats where i can find God. in that Gap is where faith is found. Its where the Alpha and Omega, that great big mystery, is given room to be real for me.

*i’m a sucker for old fashion communication.

all that to say, if you didn’t call or text. if you never ask me how i am doing. if its easier to read a blog post than have lunch or dinner….its ok. all is forgiven. no one is perfect and odds are i’m guilty of it too. eeeks but either way, I still care for you, wish the BEST for you, pray for you and love you, well..the ones i know ;), truly. I am seeking to be like christ and not just meet you at church but follow you home. i hope thats the fragrence people smell when we interact. i hope thats what marks our lives too.

p.s. and for all those at church last night…the rain came. i stood out there for a minute and got drenched. the sound of the rain. like the sound of grace. God is faithful.


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