my heart is like a loud speaker {happy weekend}

strip me by natasha bedingfield. this song was used in the movie ‘morning glory’ and i think it was definitely a perfect choice for the movie. i definitely love it!

is it just me but hasn’t this week flown by.

Looking Forward to:

  1. rico and eric playing at church. omg. so. excited.
  2. going to sleep
  3. popcorn and movies
  4. personal statement brainstorming
  5. art making
  6. on the hunt for a dress
  7. church

spending the weekend Wishing and hoping and thinking and praying.Planning and dreaming. hope you are too!! Love you guys!!

*p.s. i stayed up and saw the 12:01 showing of Harry Potter…YES me! i have witnesses! lol! it was actually really good. dont know if i’ll stand in line again but i’ll definitely see the second part.

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