making it really special


here’s what i have planned so far:

December 1 seven fifteen service a la church
December 2 Tonight we are watching A Christmas Carol
December 3 look for Outside Christmas lights + wreaths +stocking 
December 4 getting out the tree + decorating our tree
December 5 women’s winter christmas tea + dinner party
December 6 Making cocoa & drinking it by our fireplace

December 7 TBD
December 8 putting christmas lights on the trees/bushes outside
December 9 TBD
December 10 TBD

December 11 looking for cool christmas cards +buying table decorations
December 12 Redskins Game
December 13 Putting Christmas wreaths on banisters
 December 14 Baking Christmas cookies
December 15 TBD
December 16 (& celebrating my 25th birthday)
December 17 Bows of Holly Christmas Production
December 18 Donating to a local charity
December 19 Finishing any gift wrapping

December 20 Advent in Music Concert
December 21 TBD
December 22 TBD
December 23 TBD
December 24 Christmas Eve service
December 25 Christmas morning brunch

do you have anything you’re doing to make this season especially special? any fun trips or caroling? love to hear about it!

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