MRS. newlywed or Ms.soon-to-be wed

So I stated that it was that time of year for the holiday gift guides. most bloggers have jumped on the gift guide bandwagon and here I am.

This is for the newlywed or soon-to-be wed you know. they fell in love over a good cup of joe or maybe just a sloppy joe but either way, they are made for each other. she’s beautiful. he’s dashing.

‘good together’ nesting coffee cups by shanna murray

Double-gauze sleep shirt

lumberjack sleepwear pjs from j.crew. no more wearing his shirts to sleep. 🙂

Mr Right Pillow

pillows from Yellow bug boutique that are the funniest little additions to a chair in your bedroom – mr. right// mrs. always right

create ambiance while making your new abode smell like a parisian boutique…laduree candles

get some cookies made to share with your sweetie with your initials on it or simply mr. and mrs.

Garden Patch Green 28 In. W x 13.25 In. D x 11.5 In. H Grow Box Kit GP01GR01 Image1

become that chef you always dreamed of and have your own garden. but start with a indoor garden patch like the one above from home depot cost: $30

 at home -edible- meals: priceless

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One thought on “MRS. newlywed or Ms.soon-to-be wed

  1. Thank you so much for featuring my pillows….they are honored to be in such wonderful company!

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