holiday wisdom {kari jobe}


So some may know about my love for Kari Jobe. She is an absolute gift from God. Her voice is so angelic and her passion to speak what God is stirring in her heart through music is powerful. She’s a petite powerhouse! favorite songs from her are: beautiful, the more i seek you, you are for me, no sweeter name and pure. I am on her mailing list and she just sent out her christmas newsletter. Here is something she shared that I found encouraging and wanted to share with you:

[her family was trying to work out schedules to get together for the christmas season and none of the plans were working out so they decided that everyone should stay home and rest] Through this precious experience, I had my own revelation that this was for me, too. There are times we just have to pause, sit down, and take time to BE. Maybe this could be something encouraging for your family this year, too? Or, for you personally?

I think this could apply to our lives in other ways, too. Take the time to pull away from your situation and sit before the Lord. You may not have a lot of time, just take what time you can. Too often we lean on our own understanding…but we’re supposed to LEAN ON HIS (Proverbs 3:5).

I promise that if you’ll ask, He’ll speak to you and give you wisdom. Invite Him into the situation, lay down the burdens you’ve been carrying and only take back up what God says. When it’s what He’s called you to and put a desire in your heart, then you’ll have the strength and grace you’ll need for it. I pray that during this holiday season, that you’ll have a sweet time of hearing from Him and resting!

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