mrs. sagittarius

care of mrs. lilien

Not only is she glorious and utterly victorious – she magnificently multifarious, she’s Mrs. Sagittarius. She beams with natural excitement and oozes with enthusiasm – it’s her exuberantly boisterous disposition that delightfully seasons her optimism. She’s honest and straightforward and fiercely philosophical – her independent spirit and fear of restriction is virtually unstoppable. She’s fun-loving, jovial and shamelessly good-humored – although sometimes irresponsible and careless, so it’s been rumored. She’s playfully promiscuous and a tad bit racy – adores pretty underpinnings that are lovely and lacy – and usually has them on, you know, just in casey! She lives to watch her decisions bear fruit – after all, meeting intellectual demands is an absolute! She lives for life’s adventures – sees them as soul quenchers – feeding her spirit is hands-down one of her ultimate pleasures!! She’s larger than life and gargantuanly gregarious – there she is in a nut shell, the spectacular Mrs. Sagittarius!

1. Vionnet Crepe Gown 2. Kurt Wane, Gold + Blue Topaz Clip-ons 3. Jimmy Choo, Glittering Tube Clutch 4. Damaris, Desire Du Nuit Lace Underpinnings 5. Jimmy Choo, Crown Lizard Peep Toe Pumps 6. Islands : 100 Ultimate Escapes 7. iPhone 4 8. Minox DCC Leica M3 Gold Camera9. Navy Croc Passport Cover 10. 1950’s Velvet Pouf

—don’t you just love this!! its interesting to see her take on all of the signs and her summaries are absolutely hilarious. in mrs. sagittarius’ case dont know if i would say “irresponsible and careless’ but who knows right? everyones different.

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