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mr. sexyback

Yes. you guessed it Mr. Sexyback aka Justin Timberlake is 30 today. woah? where have i been?

How is he only 5 years older than me? haaaaay! lol!

anywho…in honor of his birthday, here is a run down of my fav JT moments:

  1. tearing up my heart -n’sync
  2. bye bye bye – n’sync
  3. It’s gonna be me – n’sync
  4. gone- n’sync
  5. rock your body
  6. cry me a river
  7. sexyback
  8. my love
  9. history of rap
  10. single ladies parody [we’re the dancers]
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SAG awards {fashion recap}

So the SAG awards were last night. i didnt watch it. the problem with sunday night shows is that they are competing with everything imaginable. the SAG awards, the Pro Bowl, Real Housewives of ATL, Kim and Kourtney Take NY, and Celebration of Gospel….needless to say i watched celebration of gospel and KKTNY. hahah. but lets pick my favorite looks from last night. the award for my favorite is…..

lea michele:

whoever is lea michele’s stylist needs an award herself because they are just hitting high notes consistantly. love this look on her. its sexy, young, fun!

a lot of the looks didnt show well in picture but looked great on camera. honorable mentions: tina fey, christina hendricks, mila kunis.

oh and lets not forget the men. they looked especially dashing this year. c’est parfait!

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making much of him {on leading worship}

being a vessel used by God is both being a beautiful reflection of him and also being of practical use. a thing of beauty and a thing of use. like a beautiful glass blown pitcher. you can admire it and put flowers in it but it is also made to carry water and provide a container for something refreshing.  in a similar way so is leading worship. I truly believe God wants us to reflect something of his beauty, truth and life. but not only reflect but be a vessel able to carry his presence into any situation and environment and pour out in a way that the truth and reality of God’s word, presence and glory may do what its intended to do. set the captives free, care for the widowed and orphaned, unify the scattered, place the lonely in family, heal the broken, restore, transform and so much more.

My mom and I were talking this weekend and wondering what ever happened to a certain dynamic woman preacher. And I made a comment that made me think. I said, “she started believing that all the hype was really a result of her …”. Yes, God gave her those talents and skills and opened the doors. and yes she had to put in the time and effort to hone those skills. but the reason people were drawn to her was solely because of the living water she carried within her. the beautiful glass vessel she is, spoke about something of God. it was a different sound and yet the same sound. we are the four walls, He is the cornerstone. that struck me like woah. let us not forget to make much of Him. we yield to him and He brings life where there was death and makes all things new. humility and purity and giving yourself to the process [not my will but thy will be done] is what God is attracted to. its what he delights in. Its where His presence resides.

  11 Teach me your way, LORD,
   that I may rely on your faithfulness;
give me an undivided heart,
   that I may fear your name.
12 I will praise you, Lord my God, with all my heart;
   I will glorify your name forever.
13 For great is your love toward me;
   you have delivered me from the depths,
   from the realm of the dead. [psalm 86]

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not to your own understanding. In all your ways aknowledge him and he will direct your paths.” [proverbs 3:5-6]

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He doesn’t see the way I see {Happy Weekend}

He doesn’t see the way I see
Oh, God takes ugly
and turns it into something that is beautiful
apparently I’m beautiful
cause you love me

Help me believe
why you love me
when I know you see
you see everything
Help me believe
why you love me
when I know you see
inside and you still say I’m beautiful
you’re telling me I’m beautiful
you’re screaming out: oh, so beautiful
and I’m finding out I’m beautiful
you’re making me so beautiful
and I can see I’m beautiful
cause you love me

I think the picture above is a perfect picture of the words of Christa Black’s song ‘God Loves Ugly’. God sees the entire picture. what we see in the picture but as the girl above ,more often than not, we have our eyes closed to all that he’s doing around us and in us.  As my beautiful friend CR says this years motto: seeing me the way God sees. seeing through Love’s eyes. to believe is to begin. I love that music can give you so much insight and create pockets of compassion.

Looking forward to:

  1. Teen Sunday
  2. getting my hair done! WOOHOO!!!
  3. practicing my piano
  4. cleaning my house
  5. movie marathon and making brownies

Its a winter wonderland here in the district. the highways and byways are almost but its still a little touch and go. Please be safe and warm! Love yall!!

p.s. praying for my brothers and sisters in Egypt, Lebanon and Tunisia. As-Salāmu `Alaykum (السلام عليكم) Peace be upon you. man it makes me want to learn Arabic. such a beautifully insightful and layered language.

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