a place for your presence

The foxes, they have holes

the birds of the air, they have nests

but the son of man…

the son of david

Has no place to lay his head.

a suitable home for Thee, who can find?

you made for us a home

your heart our resting place

your hands our healing

your life our life

you have become our home

but are you at home with us?

you came to make your home with us.

Your sanctuary our hearts.

we are the four walls and he is the cornerstone

we tremble at the thought

awestruck that the king of creation

wants to move in with us.

in the house he’s building.

make me a place for your presence o Lord.


Exodus 25 :8-9 [colossians 3:12-17] psalm 24

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2 thoughts on “a place for your presence

  1. kyle says:

    bad to the bone.

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