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in real life

its time for relationships outside the realm of the mind! hahahaha

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The Oscars

so i didnt really watch the oscars this year..gasp! lol! because lets be honest this year was THE most predicatable oscars in recent history. everyone knew that Colin Firth, Natalie Portman, Christian Bale and Melissa Leo would win. and we all know that the only reason most of us watch is to see who wears what! and there were a couple of standouts for me:

sandra bullock looked stunning.

I LOVED mila kunis in this elie saab. she looked breathetaking on camera. (p.s. can i get married in a dress like this PUHLEASE)

and camila alves in this GORGEOUS black kaufman franco dress!

and hailee steinfeld and mandy moore looked great as well.

my least favorite…don’t get me started: scarlett johansson, jennifer hudson and nicole kidman

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the man repeller

this past sunday. i aptly named the outfit i was wearing the man repeller outfit. it was a buttercup yellow button up shirt with black layered necklace around the collar, a black a line skirt -made to look high waisted, black polkadot tights and my leopard print shoes. as much as I love being a sunbeam! lol! i also really enjoyed experimenting with my man repelling alter ego!! 🙂

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walk on water {happy weekend}

isn’t that video so cute?! it makes me want to go galavanting around the world so bad! they also have london and barcelona videos.

Looking forward to:

  1. girl’s nights
  2. mani/pedi’s
  3. scoping out mac’s [my computer is on the brink of death and decided to die just in time for the new macbook pro to come out! lol! i see you comp!]
  4. i’m feeling like the upgrade will come with some pretty awesome other upgrades as well. stay tuned! 😉

I’m feeling footloose and fancy free! have a great weekend lovers!! 🙂

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