if you ask me..i’m ready {happy weekend}

I love this poster. the first thing that came to mind was carrie from sex and the city. i just started watching the old episodes now on E!. funny, sad, hilarious those episodes are. very rare for a story arc to be solely about women, their men and their friendships.

so since i’ve been slacking on my ‘tuesday tunes’ playlists. here are somg songs i’ve loved this week:

  1. everyone needs a little – kari jobe
  2. alpha and omega – israel and new breed
  3. heartbreaker- mstrkrft feat john legend
  4. helplessly, hopelessly – jessica andrews
  5. nobody greater – vashawn mitchell
  6. the greatness of our God – hillsong
  7. cheers – rihanna
  8. heaven on earth – david and nicole binion
  9. in your hands – christy nockels
  10. how great is the love – meredith andrews

Looking forwarde to:

  • hot yoga class
  • washing my hair
  • women’s bible study
  • Church
  • cleaning + upkeeping
  • buying books and music and generally lollygagging
  • making cupcakes

random thought: we always talk about falling in love but what about staying in love. keeping the fire burning will be the fight of our lives. i’m determined to win. In my best meatloaf voice , “and i would do anything for love”. we love because you loved us first Lord! and we love you desperately! “can’t be without/won’t last without you”!

 and i love all of you loverly readers and life co-livers!!! have a great weekend! take care of your selves. let the love of the Lord wash over you and renew you!

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