{happy weekend}

omg! this is alexander wang’s neice, Aila!! WOAH!! I need to work on my style. she’s got me beat! some girls are just born with style 😉

anymawho…no clever title this weekend. I’m excited about the weekend. its been a whirlwind week and now time for rest.

Looking forward to:

  1. seeing beastly…i think i should sneak into ‘the adjustment bureau’ instead…hmmm we’ll see
  2. getting my hurrr did! hahah FINALLY!
  3. cleaning my room and putting away all the clean/folded clothes…lawd help!
  4. finishing ‘God loves ugly’
  5. ordering my mac! YES!
  6. CHURCH +sat+sun+ check check check it out! God is so good!
  7. oh yea…and practicing my piano. so piano teacher can buy me my scratch and sniff stickers…;) lol!

wellst…its the weekend time lovers! Have a great one! #GREATEXPECTATIONS 2011 #befree #FAITH

photo: care of fuji files

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