seasons greetings {change}

Change… It’s past, present and future.

I can see it as I think about the last year of our lives…
I can feel it right now stirring in my heart…
I am full of expectation for what the future is going to hold, as it takes its hold on whatever part of our lives that it is meant to.

I don’t fear it…as a matter of fact…I love it. It always costs something, and always brings best out of everything that I am…well… eventually. ha! Sometimes that’s a process that takes a lot longer than I would like. Sometimes its messy… sometimes its not pretty… but somehow… I know its worth it.

-by Jill McCloghry {Love} blog note ‘i can feel it’

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4 thoughts on “seasons greetings {change}

  1. Angela says:

    I was reading her blog and this is exactly how I feel… “I feel like i’m deep in the river right now… a stone underneath the waters being smoothed over and crafted to His design… and while my edges rough and ragged must be washed over by His strong currents the result is so worth the wearing down.”

    • makemewings says:

      I absolutely loved that quote! and how it goes on to say, “Its amazing how God does that… teaches us to love his crafting, and in seasons where we’ve walked through a valley, teaches us to see His faithfulness. He is always so close…EMMANUEL.” how he teaches us to love his crafting for only with it and by it will we be able to go into the next season he has for us. I have really learned what it means to literally lean on God for your very strength and how faithful he is!

  2. Angela says:

    someday soon, we can quote that same verse in Song of Solomon. I’m not quite there yet… But will be soon!!

    • makemewings says:

      soon! and right now it acts as a promise that indeed after winter comes spring! soon! the almond branch buds

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