{happy weekend}

April 1st…what? where has this year gone?

i love these 2 pictures. i love what the picture looks like when you change the exposure and tweet the highs and lows. beautiful. i’m leaning towards the bottom one though, just because she looks more ethereal in it.  anywho, these are just some encouraging things i heard today:

don’t forget who you serve. “don’t be overwhelmed. take a deep breath, rememeber who you are and where your security comes from and take life firmly in both hands today.” – brooke fraser

perfect love casts out fear.

“I have learned that faith means trusting in advance what will only make sense in reverse” – Philip Yancey

40 days of faith:

step 1: release your life as you know it, and prepare for the one God gives you

This is a huge day for me. its one i’ve thought about for 4 years now. its crazy how you can talk about stuff and then all of a sudden the day arrives because you’ve fought fear and decided to step out of that proverbial boat and walk on water. crazy! exciting! scary! just the beginning…

Looking forward to:

  1. church + worship
  2. scensy party (lol! its candles)
  3. pedicure (?) with a new spring color 
  4. sending out thank you Cards
  5. running errands

i think i might just suck it up and pay for the one on one training. haven’t fully decided yet. ugh! anywho, have a great weekend!

photo credit: Rihanna,Vogue April 2011 issue Shot by Annie Leibovitz

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