wonder {happy weekend}

 i love this picture because i bet you everyone else there is running around this little girl busy and unaware and she in quiet and still observation puts her nose, face and hands up to the glass and has this moment with this creature. oh that we would slow down enough every once and again and press our noses to the glass of heaven, with hands raised to have a moment with the God of the universe. not to ask for anything but to simply be in awe and stand in wonder. I think it would change us. in fact i know it changes us.  and brings everything into technicolor. to know that THE creator of the universe meets you at eye level. selah. its a gift to be able to speak with God in initmate ways. His flesh was torn and so the veil ripped that kept us out. Now God is not only with us but we can be with God. that amazes me.

 its amazing the treasures God places inside of you that we have yet to really see. the treasures he’s painstakingly restoring like a recovered michael angelo artwork. The problem with hindsight is not only that its behind but its 20/20. you see everything more clearly. You begin to see that even when you were pressed on every side and there seemed to be no way…the chariots of God and the armies of God were surrounding that situation to bring you out and bring you into all that God promised. You see the sacred ways God restored, and fulfilled and stretched and molded and shaped you into who you are today.

All for love
My Jesus, You gave all for love
I am standing in the wonder of
Your great love

anymawho, i’m looking forward to a GREAT weekend:

  1. my momma’s birthday!! YEAHRR
  2. piano practicement
  3. manicure
  4. new music purchases – bethel ‘be lifted high’ album and the campus harvest ep
  5. finding some yellow accent jewelry.??? where do I go?
  6. church!!

p.s. yo! I swear to you sometimes i think I’ve got a little preach inside me! lol!!

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