what do you do with a dream deferred?

So thanks to twitter. i follow some amazing people. artists and etc. One of them is named Christa Black or as she affectionately refers to herself, sista christa. She has a beautiful voice, she’s a violinist, she’s an author of an amazing book and a blogger. this came from her blog and was entitled, “What do you do with the pain of unfulfilled dreams?”. here is an excerpt:


Is there a dream that you’ve been holding onto that has become more of a burden than a dream?  Is the heavy sorrow of that unfulfilled dream polluting the life that you hold inside of your hands right now?

It could be your dreams of a husband or a significant other.  It could be your dreams of a better life or a job that you actually want to wake up and go to.  It could be the dream of singing, acting, painting, owning your own business.  It could be anything.

Whatever that dream is, hold to it, fight for it, believe in it….BUT NOT at the detriment of the life in front of you right now.  NOT at the expense of all you’ve been blessed with.

Set that dream before God.  See yourself holding it in your hands, and handing it over to Him.  He’s in charge of it anyway, and His timing is perfect.  Tell Him you trust Him.  Or maybe, tell Him if you don’t trust Him and ask Him to show you that He’s real, powerful, loving and trustworthy.

Just be honest with Him.  He can take it.  (:

After you hand Him the dreams that you’ve been holding onto, begin to thank Him for what He has already placed IN your hands.   Thank Him for the little things and thank Him for the big things.  If your life is hard, painful, and you’re in a dark place, find ONE THING that you can thank Him for—maybe that you are still breathing, or maybe that you have your health. 

You can always find something.

Until your situation changes, you get to change within your situation.

What do you do with unfulfilled dreams?  You hand them over, again and again, moment by moment, if need be, to the dream-maker.  He knows what’s in your heart and He knows what you need.  And until the dream comes to pass, you get to walk with the most loving, relational, kindest, most beautiful person in the universe.

The Prince of Peace.

Sounds like a good deal to me.

 Xx, Sista Christa

>>read the whole thing. its totally worth it! in fact, pick up a copy of her book ‘God loves ugly”! You wont be disappointed.<<<

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One thought on “what do you do with a dream deferred?

  1. Kris Joy says:

    An escape to my situation. Even a simple vacation I cant have. How is it to feel being on top then suddenly losing everything and being left out. How ironic when you said that health and that I can breathe is something to thank for. Well even that is a concern for me since Ive been suffering for 9mos from chronic rhinitis. I am hoping that tomorrow I will finally find the doctor that can cure me. Hoping against hope thats what I do each day. I want it to be towards not against.

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