POISED {happy weekend}

I haven’t written one of these in a while. I almost don’t know what to say. lol! but seriously, this has been such a fun friday. Morning devotional was on point. many revelations and praying for the wisdom to implement. Leaning on God’s strength/vision and plan and not my own is hard but the rewards out weigh the risk. I stand today poised to take the position given to me. The one right next to him. I’m so in love right now. can i just tell you. things arent perfect. waiting on a miracle but my God is so SO SO SO SO SO good! I have tears in my eyes just writing that. He’s faithful, he’s true. He’s full of mercy and grace. He fights for you. He goes before you and stands with you. He is a strong fortress. very present help. my rear guard. my hope. my joy. my portion forever. my inheritance. my everything. and so much more.  

so today…i stand poised for whats next. the stretching is requisite. it comes with glitter. 😉

p.s. kindness is love’s louboutin’s. keep it classy.

Looking forward to:

  1. barbecue
  2. teen weekend [saturday/sunday]
  3. the word
  4. a date with my fingers and toes
  5. summer cleaning
  6. getting a white outfit for the IDOA White party
  7. summer nights > dinner on the porch
  8. brunch at cafe deluxe

its gonna be a good summer. i can feel it.

note: this 3 day weekend is memorial weekend. where we remember those who served and still serve to protect us. I honor those soldiers and their families everyday and thank them that we know something of how God fiercely loves and protects and sacrifices for us through their bravery. Thank you! again and again from the bottom of my heart. Happy Weekend.

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