who is your real foe?

“In some ways Satan is lazy. If he can just keep us busy turning on one another, we won’t unite in battle against darkness. #whoisyourrealfoe?” – Beth Moore

I read this this morning and thought to myself, how timely. How many times have you turned around and just thought why are things so hard. why is it hard to connect with people? why is it so hard for us all to gell? why is it hard to get on the same page? hard to stay focused? why is it so hard not to be so seperated from eachother? why is there so much offense and misunderstanding?  i totally understand time and schedules and seasons and etc but you know when you feel like its something else in the mix. and thats how i’ve been feeling for a while now. the more we advance the kingdom of God[the more fruit is produced in our lives], the more we face opposition. for we war not against flesh and blood but principalities.

So I’m challenging myself for the next month to:

  1. read and pray and meditate over Ephesians 4
  2. pray for your nation, your industry, leaders and church
  3. stay alert [war and build]
  4. choose one person in your circle of influence [family, friends, co-workers] to pray for each day

feel free to join me in this endeavor! #Gideon2011

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