take my hand {happy weekend}

so in the midst of craziness…my boss cleared me to go to disney! God answers prayers and now the plane ticket is bought. its surreal. my summer 2011 list is being marked off one by one!! how exciting! also, I read this article by bianca juarez called ‘realization’ and found it so encouraging!

Be faithful with the small and you will be able to do greater things because of the endurance, experience, and expertise you acquired doing what you’re doing now. The bible backs this up: Luke 16:10

my #operationgetalife plan is working out to my delight!

Looking forward to:

  1. a little surprise hehe
  2. church
  3. taste of reston
  4. gelato
  5. peregine

have a beautiful weekend loves!!

p.s. i ate this honey glazed salmon today at work and it was SO good. i need the recipe so i can try making it myself! 🙂

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