happy weekend

what a day what a day! I love how little obstacles are thrown at you to really test your resolve. Someone near and dear said, “dont pray about a good idea, pray about a GOD idea” and thats so poignant! A God idea weathers the storms and little hiccups but a good idea is soon outweighed by circumstance most times. after being wait listed my little sister got into the program she applied to. prepare. prepare. prepare. to dominate.

p.s. dont you love this picture. her intricately beaded dress and then this elephant purse how adorable?! love it!

anywho, Looking forward to:

  1. getting my hair flat ironed
  2. sequin and black dance party
  3. dc tour
  4. surprise birthday bbq
  5. worship department bbq
  6. and all the glittery moments in between

Love you my people! have a fantabulous weekend!

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