american woman {happy weekend}

3 day weekend here I come!! oh thank you LORD.  this monday we celebrate Independance Day. for the longest I thought everyone was celebrating my aunt whose birthday also falls on this day. Cheers to all the service men and women who fight daily to perserve the freedom we cherish. and cheers to my namesake!! happy birthday!!

Looking forward to:  

  1. getting my HAIR done by a professional AMEN!!
  2. bbq and hopefully seeing some fireworks
  3. ++church++
  4. looking for some navy blue linen pants
  5. mani + pedi [i want to try those sally henson nail stickers]
  6. making popcicles for real this time
  7. GRE math time…o joy of my life
  8. general and all around lollygagging

i need to make a super cool, funky, chill fourth of july playlist. please feel free to send your suggestions my way! i’ll post once i make it. be sure it will include j.lo’s  ‘i’m into you’ and joe jonas’ ‘see no more’..yessir!! 😉 have a blessed one dolls!

photos via apartment 34 and

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