marked by love

We’re all marked by something. Labels, stereotypes, and categories will painfully remind us that we are marked by others. But what if this wasn’t the case? What if we stopped allowing others to mark us because we appropriated the mark of something bigger, something better?

Here’s the TRUTH: we are marked by something bigger and better!

We have been marked by the LOVE of Jesus Christ which is bigger and better than any marking made by others. The question I want to unravel is whether or not our life fully reflects this marking. Every aspect of our life should reflect the marking of love, Christ’s love. It is a love that permeates our identity, pierces our soul, sears our mind, covers our body, and envelopes our heart. Then, and only then, will we fully embrace living out our calling and purpose in life.

note: i chose this pic because i love this picture of Jen Aniston for Marie Claire. She looks amazing and so happy. its like something is shining from deep inside thats peeking through for all to see. this is a woman in love, a women whose comfortable in her skin and at rest. i feel like it represented for me visually what it means to be marked by love.

* taken from Bianca Juarez’s bible study series called ‘marked by love’.

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